Culture and Values

Sanofi Genzyme's culture is inspired – and built – by the dedication our employees demonstrate every day to remain science-driven and patient focused.
An Exceptional Workplace

Are you interested in having a meaningful impact on the health and lives of people around the world? Looking for a positive, stimulating work environment that offers both tangible and intangible rewards? Excited about the possibilities of biotech and the future of medicine? Eager to work with bright, motivated colleagues who are experts in their fields? Sanofi Genzyme's corporate culture sets the stage for just such opportunities. A prominent global biotech company with thousands of employees, we've always believed that being a great place to work is what makes us a company that accomplishes great work.

Living the Corporate Values

Sanofi Genzyme's workplace culture is rooted in our corporate values: innovation, entrepreneurialism, compassion, collaboration, drive, and integrity. Guided by these principles, we've established an environment that nurtures autonomy, yet encourages teamwork, that inspires employees to think big while empowering them to take hands-on action.

Our employees benefit from the stability and resources of a large, established biotech, but the entrepreneurial spirit and "can-do" attitude of our earliest start-up days continue to infuse our culture. Every employee recognizes that somewhere, a patient is waiting for our help – lending a sense of purpose to our working environment.

Making an Impact

The number one reason our employees give for working at Sanofi Genzyme is the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of patients. More than anything else, this passion for impact drives our staff to work with urgency and focus. For many, the commitment becomes a deeply personal one as they get to know patients – whose names and faces become the inspiration for every project, every deadline, every aspect of their working experience.

Last Updated: 8/16/2017
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