Unfortunately, my husband was put on the spot to make a very difficult decision...I felt bad that he had to endure that kind of stress regarding my health; he was very nervous and very emotional, and very upset. 
— Mark, Julie's husband
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016 09:02 am EDT

In Sickness and In Health

A husband and wife take on the challenges of thyroid cancer

Julie and Mark have been married for fifteen years. Life was good and going along as planned until one day – seemingly out of the blue – Julie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Between their demanding jobs and juggling three kids, life was already hectic. Add to that a cancer diagnosis, and a new level of stress set in for this family.

Watch how thyroid cancer had an effect on every level of this family, from Julie herself to the family members and caregivers who surrounded and supported her on a daily basis.

This Caregiver Awareness Month we recognize that when a person is diagnosed with a disease or disability, many people are affected. The role of caregiver can often be rewarding. But it is also a role that can be both physically and mentally draining. This month and every month, we give thanks for all of the caregivers in our community.

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