Environmental Action

Genzyme has been a leader in sustainability among Cambridge businesses and among the world’s corporate leaders....The company has come to symbolize how a business can integrate sustainability into its business mission.
— 2009 Go Green Award
City of Cambridge

As a health care company, Sanofi Genzyme's commitment to wellbeing extends beyond medical care. We're also committed to creating a cleaner, greener, healthier world for patients, employees, and surrounding communities.

From our business strategies to our day-to-day operations, environmental responsibility has long been a priority for Sanofi Genzyme. We believe that by reducing our impact on the natural world, we help establish not only a healthier environment, but a more sustainable business to continue serving our constituents for many years to come.

Our Environmental Evolution

Our earliest efforts focused on complying with environmental regulations, and we established a separate Environmental Affairs group in 1999 to monitor and manage those issues.

Our vision soon broadened beyond compliance requirements. Motivated by both top-down leadership and bottom-up employee initiatives, we began exploring ways to proactively improve our environmental performance. Globally, we set quantifiable goals and implemented on-site programs – and before long, established ourselves as an industry leader in green business. Alongside Sanofi Genzyme's significant growth and expansion, our environmental impact continues to diminish relative to our size. It's a trend we strive to maintain as we head into the future.

Our Environmental Policy Statement

"Sanofi Genzyme Corporation will conduct its businesses in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in compliance with all health, safety, and environmental regulations. Sanofi Genzyme will operate its facilities so as to protect our environment and conserve our natural resources, making our corporate and residential neighbors proud to have Sanofi Genzyme in their communities. Sanofi Genzyme managers will provide leadership to achieve these goals through their plans and operations and all employees will incorporate these goals and practices into their daily operations."

Compliance and Site Management By tracking several key environmental performance indicators and employing a systematic process for measuring our impact, Sanofi Genzyme strives not only to ensure that our manufacturing and lab facilities comply with all laws, but also with good green business practices. More
Green Building Our headquarters has become an icon of green building, but Sanofi Genzyme's efforts extend far beyond this single structure. We've established ourselves as a global industry leader in sustainable design and construction. More
On the Ground Efforts Corporate directives and smart site management go a long way toward making Sanofi Genzyme a greener company – but it's the everyday activities of our employees that really demonstrate our ongoing commitment to environmental action. More
Last Updated: 9/26/2016
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